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“Aku Padamu” (“I Am Into You”) by Lasja F Susatyo

Sinopsis :

In partnership with Transparency International Indonesia (TII), MSI’s USAID-funded Strengthening Integrity and Accountability Program (SIAP-1) project provides prevention support to The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), which leads the country’s fight against corruption. TII conducted a competition for anti-corruption story ideas in mid-2011. SIAP-1 then worked with KPK to align the movie’s messages with broader government efforts and encouraged leading moviemakers and actors to engage in the process.

Kita versus Korupsi (US Against Corruption) comprises four short films: “Rumah Perkara” (“The Troubled House”), “Selamat Siang Risa! (“Good Afternoon Risa!”), “Aku Padamu” (“I am Into You”), and “Psssttt … Jangan Bilang Siapa-Siapa” (“Sssh, Don’t Tell Anyone”).

The film follows the story of an Indonesian couple who run away to be with each other. However, not having the necessary documents and letters, they cannot get married. The groom wants to bribe the officials, but the bride refuses. After all, the very reason they ran away is because her father is involved in a corruption case.

Director Profile:
Lasja Fauzia Sustayo’s debuted her career as film director in 2004 with the romantic comedy “Lovely Luna”. In 2006 she directed a movie about band members starring Christian Sugiono and Adinia Wirasti, titled “Dunia Mereka” (Their World). A year later, Lasja directed another light movie titled “Bukan Bintang Biasa” (Not Just Another Star), as well as a segment of the movie anthology “Perempuan Punya Cerita” (Stories of Women). In 2011 Lasja directed a children’s movie titled “Langit Biru” (Blue Sky) produced by Nia Dinata.

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